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Anansi and Little Bush Deer
Anansi and Little Bush Deer

This is just a sampling of my most popular programs, but I love to brainstorm for new ideas and to collaborate with other artists and educators.  Please contact me to discuss your unique programming needs.

Storytelling Programs

Full Moon Ghost Stories – My Most popular program, featuring spine-tingling tales as well as hauntingly funny ones.  Perfect for parties and campfires all year round.  Appropriate for ages 5+.

Peace Tales – My favorite.  This program explores themes of conflict resolution and friendship through the retelling of folk tales from a variety of cultures. Students embark on a ‘journey’ around the world. Every story incorporates ideas and suggestions from the audience.  Learn the value of friendship and respect.

Puppets With Tales – A hodgepodge of some of my favorite folktales told with the help of my handcrafted puppets.  Note: This program is ideal for younger audiences who may require a bit more visual stimuli.

Anansi Stories – Anansi is perhaps the best-known and best-loved of all the great tricksters in folklore. He may be small but he is clever. Hear my favorite Anansi stories from Africa and the Caribbean and meet my Anansi puppet.

Look at the Sky! – Is that a man in the moon or a rabbit?  Why is light during the day and dark at night?  We’ll answer these questions and contrast day and night using multicultural tales and my puppets.

Stories from the Garden – We’re digging up folktales from around the world that feature gardens and the characters that inhabit them.  Hear about a talking melon causing trouble for an elephant, and find out what a cat and a cucumber have in common!  You’ll laugh along with these interactive stories.

Native American Folktales – Storytelling has always been integral to the Native American culture. Their stories are rich with imagery and clever explanations of the mysteries of the world: Why Bear’s tail is so short and how Turtle got cracks in his shell. Traditionally these stories are told after the first frost, during the colder months of the year – therefore, this program is only available seasonally.

Snowy Stories – This program of wintery tales includes a Kwanzaa and Hannukah story and an adaptation of a classic:The Mitten.

Trickster Tales – Cultures everywhere have a trickster among them. Sometimes he’s known as Anansi, the spider, sometimes as Leprechaun or Coyote. We can all learn a lesson or two from these tales about how to treat each other and how to overcome obstacles.

Irish Yarns – Top O’ the Morning to ya! These tales from the Emerald Isle feature Leprechaun and many other enjoyable characters. An obvious choice for St. Patrick’s Day!

Dragons, Unicorns and Princesses, Oh My! – Featuring folk and fairy tales from a variety of cultures this program also incorporates a few new puppets.

Puppet Show

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Storytelling How-To: It’s Easier Than You Think! (all ages) – Everyone can tell a story.  Learn the techniques and tricks to finding your own voice and connecting with your audience.  Discuss story selection, character and more with a professional.  Play games and build confidence while learning.

Painting – Beneath the Surface – Learn about watercolor painting and watercolor techniques and experiment with different water-soluble and transparent mediums to create a masterpiece.   No previous experience required to experiment and create something cool.

Earthy-Art! – Make a miniature dwelling for fairies or gnomes or any wee folk you can dream up!  First search for treasures from your own yard or garden: A few sticks, a couple of rocks, some flowers? An acorn? Some leaves?  What else can you dig up?  We’ll combine these natural elements with traditional art materials as well as recycled bits to build a unique and fantastic creation.

The Mystery of Color – This hands-on program for ‘tweens’ and teens explores the mystery every artist strives to solve – the mystery of color.  Using oil pastels we will create individual color wheels and participants will even create their own unique color and name it!  We‘ll discuss the meaning and symbolism associated with different colors, become familiar with a versatile medium and start on a fun, mysterious project the artists can finish on their own  – using just a toothpick!  (Easy clean up and set up and I supply everything!).

Finger Prints – Made by Hand – Every finger print is unique and every artist’s work is unique – so it’s a natural pairing.  Finger printing has been used for over a century to help solve crimes around the world and is one of the oldest types of forensic evidence. We’ll explore the different types of finger prints and examine  our own. Then we’ll use finger prints, colorful ink pads and markers to create funny pictures.  A simple print can become an animal, your fave food, a tiny detective…  Everyone will enjoy this creative use of a simple process.

Let’s Make Puppets! – Puppets have been around for thousands of years. Puppets are celebrated in many different cultures and help to tell stories in wonderful ways.  Learn about puppetry traditions and delight in fun puppet facts.  See a variety of styles of puppets in our favorite storyteller’s collection and even create a puppet of your own in this interactive and fun workshop.  This hands-on program can be simplified for younger audiences or expanded for tweens and teens.  After viewing different types of animal puppets from around the world, each participant will create their own creative puppet.

Dream Time Creatures – Nocturnal animals to imaginary beasties – come to life in drawing and collage.  We’ll use some unique materials to get the right glow and shimmer!

Dare to make… a dreamy, dragon, shadow puppet – Together we will learn about the Wayang Kulit or shadow puppets of Indonesia.  Each child will create a dragon shadow puppet.  Our puppet creations will dance to music from all over Indonesia.  I will provide a shadow puppet stage set-up where we can ‘perform’ with our puppets when they are completed.