Stories & Workshops for Grownups

Stories for Grownups

Deconstructing Barbie – This critically acclaimed one-woman show features the true-life stories of storyteller Alison K. Babusci. The humorous stories follow Alison’s transition from girl to woman. Forbidden by her feminist mom to have a Barbie, Alison is fascinated by the way this 14” plastic icon has influenced and shaped girls’ self image for decades. Barbie kitsch and Barbie facts are woven throughout the piece adding to the humor and universality of the stories. Audiences of all ages are amused and touched by Alison’s energetic and comedic storytelling skills.

Tales of Love – This program combines famous love letters with traditional tales of love and loyalty. Although acceptable for younger audiences it may quickly be dismissed as ‘mushy’ by anyone under 25. Ideal for anniversary parties.

Mother Daughter Stories & Workshop – We begin with a program of folk tales, fairy tales and personal stories meant to empower and entertain women of all ages. After listening to stories featuring clever and strong mothers, daughters and goddesses — participants explore their own family traditions and stories and share these stories with one another in a fun, supportive environment. This workshop also features games and exercises to enhance everyone’s storytelling and listening skills.  Every time I offer this I am amazed and touched by the response of the participants and myself — girls rule!


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Sew What?! Exploring Sewing and Textiles in Your Classroom – Following a well-attended presentation at National Art Education Associatoin in 2012 (Sew What?: Exploring Sewing and Textiles with K-8)In 2013 we delved deeper into several, successful, sewing projects to be used with students K-8:  Try your hand at crazy quilting, sewn contour lines, story quilts and other crafty curriculum choices.  Discuss resources and curriculum connections with a needle and thread in your hands!  Math, literacy and social studies learning underscore this interdisciplinary curriculum designed to involve students, a visiting artist and parent volunteers.  Earth-friendly practices and recycled materials are highlighted.  An engaging, 20-year art teaching veteran shares best practices, project ideas and stories from an exploration of sewing and textile based crafts in her classroom and her own studio.  If you’ve never tried sewing with your students or if you’re a veteran seamstress you will find new ideas, share failures and successes and sense the community that sewing together can create.

Storytelling How-To: It’s Easier Than You Think! – Can be tailored to teachers or other adults.

Make Puppets!:  Techniques for Creating Amazing Puppets

Storytelling in Your Classroom: A Workshop for Teachers

Different, But The Same : Exploring Multiculturalism Through Stories

Art Everyday: Using Art in the Early Childhood Classroom

Integrating Yoga into Your Early Childhood Classroom

Connecting Art & Literacy in Your Classroom