Deconstructing Barbie

Photo by Rob Long


“…an interesting, quirky and appealing monologist.”
Christopher Rawson, Drama Editor
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Deconstructing Barbie:
Hilarious Tales of Growing Up and Growing Boobs premiered at the Three-Rivers Arts Festival in 1999 and has enthralled and amused sell-out audiences since.

This one-woman show features the true-life stories of raconteur Alison K. Babusci. The humorous stories follow Alison’s transition from girl to woman – all the tribulations and victories.

Forbidden by her feminist mother to have a Barbie, Alison is fascinated by the way this 14” plastic icon has influenced and shaped girls’ self esteem for decades. Barbie kitsch and Barbie facts are woven throughout the piece adding to the humor and universality of the stories.

Audiences of all ages and experiences have been amused and touched by Alison’s energetic and comedic storytelling skill.

Warning:  There are a few moments in this piece when more mature themes are introduced, but they are handled with grace and humor.

Book a Performance:

Would you like to see Deconstructing Barbie at your college or university? Or maybe at your Mother’s 50th birthday party? This show can travel! I can also tailor the program to your audience by adding a workshop for students or performers, or a story circle for everyone to get in on the act!